Irving, Texas

Advent Musing – Anticipation/Family

Anticipation and excitement starts to build in the hearts of children as the first signs of Christmas begin to arrive.  Whether it is the decorations around town, the songs in the stores, the brisk cool weather arriving, children begin to delight at the many presents that they will receive.

A few of our Upper Elementary students were asked to describe the feelings associated with the Christmas holiday and their answers were nearly unanimous.

“I feel so much happiness because a lot of families get together for it, we receive gifts, and we get to give to others.  I love to decorate the tree and see each ornament.  It feels so special.”  – 4th grader

“I feel Hyper because I love to open presents.  But my favorite part would be when my family joins us from California, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.”  -4th grader

“I get a warm and fuzzy feeling which reminds me of sitting by the fire and drinking hot chocolate.  Caroling and opening presents would be at the top of my list.  I love spending time with my family.” -6th grader

“I love Christmas because of presents, of course.  But I love being with my family.  We eat and laugh a lot.” – 4th grader

It seems that while unwrapping presents may be at the top of every child’s list, spending time with the family during this special time of year and delighting in family tradition, may just be the greatest gift of all.

– Shanon Flowers-Tillery