Irving, Texas

Musings – The Beginning

In many circles today, we are given the impression that we face a choice between thinking and faith. We are given the impression that somehow the postures of faith and reason are mutually exclusive. We live with words in our culture that seem to confirm a divide between fact and value. There is a real world of objective things, science, and hard realities; and there is the world of tastes, opinions, and personal values.

And yet in the biblical reflection of faith we are presented with what it means to be made in the image of God, and what it means to live and function in a created order. God has given us various faculties that are the vehicles of our knowing and understanding. Reason, experience, and revelation are all legitimate means and provisions of God for us and to us.

And so in this column many good thinkers and writers from our congregation will be sharing with us their thoughts, their ideas, their experience and their faith. I hope you will check in on a weekly basis and catch these “musings.” As no one has a corner on the market as to who God is and how we “live and move and have our being” in God, these “musings” will provide food for thought, reflection and growth.

I close with what someone wrote about an inside-outlook at Gospels and life which I believe reflects the hope of this musing column.

I wasn’t there but others

were and they told others

who told others,

who told still others, and down

down the centuries and

finally someone told me.

Today I tell you.

You may want to tell others.

– Fr. Michael Wallens


  1. I look forward to reading others “musings”. Good idea and a safe place to express how God is working in your life.

    Fr. Mike your homily on the widow and the two coins was very thought provoking, and an interpretation that I have not heard.

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