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What is time?

Mr. Webster defines time as “the thing that is measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc”  We all know that no matter what the definition, this is something we all seem to have too little of. We wake up in the morning to an alarm, telling us it is TIME to get up.  We clock in at work, or have roll taken at school to tell us we are either on TIME or late.  We watch the clock all day to see if it is TIME to eat, or TIME to go home.  Then, we put in a whole days work from the when we get home to bedtime, where we sleep too little, too restless, and not take TIME to get a decent rest.  We literally spend our entire waking hours watching TIME, instead of living our TIME in this wonderful world.  When was the last time you stopped and actually smelled those beautiful roses?  When was the last TIME you sat down and called and talked to a friend or loved one, not texted, but called?  We all get the exact same amount of TIME in a 24 hour period.  What we choose to do with that TIME is our choice, our will.  God has called us to love our neighbors.  How can we love them if we have never taken the TIME to meet them?

Our minds become restless.  We run towards some future hope or dream, or away from things in our past.  We lose connection with life, ourselves, our friends, family, and our Christian call.  We begin to lose faith in the world around us.   We forget to enjoy our journey.

We, who are running the rat race we call life don’t have enough hours in a day, so we think.  But, one who is lonely and alone, a day goes on forever.   It is all in your perspective.  Here are some things to ponder:

  • Take time to notice the details, the simple things in life
  • Take time to smile, and pass it on
  • Take time to be kind and helpful to others, it is contagious
  • Life is precious, enjoy every moment
  • Take time to find something you can give from the depths of your heart with joy
  • Pray more, use electronic devices less
  • Take a walk, meet a neighbor

These are a few simple things.  There are so many ways we can enjoy this life we have, enjoy the blessings in our lives, and quit continually worry about the “work”.  Try to take a few minutes every day to spend in prayer, to thank God, and pray for those who are in need.  This is one important thing we are called to do as Christians.  In doing so, you give TIME to God, you give PEACE to yourself.  Make every minute count!

At Redeemer, we talk about time, talent and treasure.  Giving of your precious time is appreciated by all.  Giving time is as important is giving monetarily.  If you have not found that special place at Redeemer to donate your time, search it out.  Find that one place that feels right, that you can give a piece of your precious time.  Redeemer has so many opportunities to get involved.  Remember, when you give, you receive.  You will meet and get to know other Redeemerites, and strengthen your bond at Redeemer as well as being productive.  Reach out and take that step.  Look into Brotherhood of St. Andrews,  Choir; Daughters of the King;  helping cook breakfast once a month; SW5 service; Altar Guild; Sandwich crew for Austin Street Shelter; Serving at Austin Street Shelter; Family Promise; Hanes Volunteer; LEM; Reader; bringing coffee hour snacks; Gift Shop;  These are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities.  Most only take a few hours a month.  This is how Redeemer can grow, maybe not in numbers, but in strength.  As we grow in strength, visitors will see this and want to be a part of it.  This is a win, win for all!


Redeemer needs you, and you need us!  TAKE TIME to reach out and enjoy!


– Terry Hogle

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  1. Jacqueline Maki

    Thank you, Terry, for encouraging us all to live and give our God-given time more intentionally AND more joyfully.

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