Irving, Texas

Redeemer Montessori News

Something to be Proud and Thankful for At Redeemer
-Our School!!!-

Amid worry, flurry, and a lot of hard work, the accreditation team came and left this week. They left with us verbal recommendations which were normal for most any school. The highlights though were their commendations which should come as no surprise. Our school community is joy-filled, healthy and a great place to be for students and their parents. We have amazingly outstanding teachers and a solid, visionary and compassionate head in Shanon. The relationship between the church and school was commended along with the vestry (school board) who provide a good bridge of support and cooperation between the school and the church. As Dan Donalson said, “I think we owe Shanon, Diana, Bob and all the teachers a huge debt of gratitude for all of their long hours preparing the self-study report, and all the extra time this week to make the visit so successful. The team could not have complimented Shanon and Diana more for their warm welcome and gracious attitudes during this process. They were genuinely impressed with our school, its programs, teachers and students.” When you see anyone connected with the school, please be sure and extend a hardy congratulations! The written report will be given to us after it goes through the various chains of command.