Irving, Texas

RHEMA Gospel Church holds first services at Redeemer

RHEMA Gospel Church
Dr. Solomon Waigwa (on right) with guests.

Redeemer is now sharing our space with RHEMA Gospel Church. For now, the arrangement is week-to-week until the Diocese approves and all the paperwork is finalized, but the church held celebrations and their first services over the weekend. There were about 400 people in the congregation on Sunday afternoon with the church swelling with visitors. Two services were celebrated to a standing-room-only crowd, and a catered dinner was served between the services. The church typically has around 40 – 50 members, but now that they have a home, hopefully they will be growing!

The church is led by Rev. Dr. Solomon Waigwa. He is joined in his service by his wife, Tabitha Wachira and his children, Dr. Elizabeth Wachira, Dr. David Waigwa and Priscila Wachira.



  1. Mention was made at Sunday’s early service that this is a church with people from Kenya. Can more be said of that?

    • Meg Mueller (Author)

      Once the Diocese has approved everything, I’m sure there will be a more official announcement with a better introduction to our new friends. Yes, the church has quite a few people from Kenya, but there were others, too. It appeared that a lot of the members live in Denton. I’m anxious to find out more and get to know them better.

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