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This is the time of year where in our church lives and in our own family life there is so much going on.  In all of this God is right there with us.  I know in my own life I  keeping turning to him and letting him know I am putting my life in his hands.  I do this on a weekly basis to get me through the week.  It is hard to put things in his hands and let it go giving  it to God.  This is also Stewardship time and   we have to  think about our commitment to our church and God.   I have my talks with God and pray about this time of what my pledge should be.  It is also a wonderful time for our church as we move into  a new Leadership  with Canon Victoria.  She is like a breath of fresh and the holy spirit is among us.  I feel like if we build towards new things and think more outside the box the church will grow.  We need to reach out to our community and to all our brothers and sister in Christ and let him know that God is great and awesome.
Norma DeLeon
Vestry Member

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  1. Jacqueline Maki

    Thank you so much, Norma, for sharing your excitement and prayerful approach to our stewardship and outreach opportunities at Redeemer. I agree with you that The Holy Spirit is mightily at work in our midst! We can feel the movement….

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