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“To repent of your sins…”

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This week I reread sections of a little book I was once given by an older priest. It is called St. Augustine’s Prayer Book.  An Anglo-Catholic collection of prayers and devotions, it has a chapter on each of the sacraments.   For the sacrament of penitence, it began with examination of conscience with the seven deadly sins as the framework.

It being Lent, I re-read that section.  How searching and surprising are some of the considerations of the “categories” of sin.  The sin of pride was laid out as the refusal to accept the status of creature.  I nodded, but then stopped when I read that under pride was distrust and over sensitivity and sentimentality.  I thought about these.  In fact, when I distrust things I am putting my judgment first. When I am overly sensitive, I am putting my feelings first.  I began to reconsider; yes, those habits stem from pride. I think my beautiful feelings, say in prayer, are more important than Christ’s commands to action do something good before “the night comes.”

Under greed, along with avarice and collecting stuff, it puts the desire to control or possess or use others.  Also under greed was prodigality, (lovely word) whether of possessions or time. We can fall off the bike on both sides.   I was not surprised with gluttony also including its opposite of being a gourmet: the focus is still on food.    Lust rounded up the usual suspects, in the view of the author, but also in the net were prudery and sexual repression.   Anger, the sinful kind, is ‘open rebellion against God or our fellow creatures.”  Good anger always springs from a sense of justice, but I had not considered that deliberately being a spoilsport is a type of anger, nor rudeness, nor annoyance.

Traditionally, the purpose of such examines was not to wallow in being a sinner, but to move to repentance and change of life.  How do I move through my day and space aware or unaware of God and others?  How do I look through and beneath my habits to grasp the principals of living in love and awe of God and with respect to creation?    The goals of the old author are mindfulness and humility.  Or as a far older prophet wrote: “To do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.”

–Victoria Heard

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  1. Jacqueline R. Maki

    Pride. Greed. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth.

    So these Seven Deadly Sins — as well as all those other sins domino-ing outward and inward from each of the seven — seem to be doing a lot of killing these days. Killing us who sin. Killing those we sin “upon” and “at” and “with.” Killing those who witness the sins and do nothing. Killing those who try to stop the sins and are affected thereafter with a lifetime of reliving, guilt, and/or second-guessing what they woulda, shoulda, coulda done differently to prevent the pain before the sins occurred. Killing like a slow, persistent water drip or like one sand granule at a time sifting into the lower half of the hourglass of human nature.

    Having just completed my Safe Church training courses today, I am saturated with hours of reading about the sins of lust and greed and pride and wrath, especially, all tangled together into the sexual exploitation of children and other vulnerable people, or into the workplace sins of sexual harassment and hostile work environment scenarios. Why can’t we stop hurting each other? Why can’t we stop our petrified silence and inaction when we see and hear others being hurt?

    Lead us not into temptation, Lord, and do deliver us from the evil which resides so deeply within each one of us. Tonight, that bite of Eve’s apple is really sticking in my throat.

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