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Vestry Nominations & Elections

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Every Episcopal Church has a vestry, which is elected to oversee the financial health of the parish and its facilities and to assist the clergy and staff in the outreach, evangelism and programs of the church.   In our case, our vestry also serves as the board for Redeemer Montessori School.

In early December, we will elect four new members of the vestry for three-year terms.  I have proposed a two-step method of nominating vestry candidates. The vestry has agreed to this process.   To serve on the vestry, by the canons of the of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese all candidates must be:

  • Persons who are regular in worship and in financial stewardship for at least one year prior to being nominated
  • Baptized and confirmed members of the parish, with their baptism and confirmation recorded in the parish record
  • Over 18 years of age

My proposal is that to make a list of all such persons and distribute it to the parish.  As a member of the parish, you can review the list and mark six to eight persons whose ministry, character and commitment to Christ have been demonstrated, and whom you believe would serve well as member of the vestry.  That is step one.

Step two will be that the nominating committee of the parish (who are vestry members rotating off) will review the highest scoring persons that have been nominated.  (Please vote only once for eight people.)  The people whose names received the most checks will be contacted by the vestry to ask if they will consider serving.  The nominating committee will then select at least six persons from the list to stand.  If you are contacted, you may agree prayerfully to be a candidate or not.  If contacted, you will know that other members of the parish consider you to be a leader.

Then, on December 4th, we will hold our election for the new 2017 vestry members.

— Victoria Heard

You can review the list and make your nominations online here: or via paper copies of the form found in the back of the church starting next week.  Nominations are due by Nov 13th.

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  1. Jacqueline Maki

    Thank you, Canon Victoria and Vestry, for making intentional efforts to be more inclusive and engaging with this nomination process! We GREATLY appreciate the service of current vestry members.

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