Irving, Texas

Reflection on the Readings; November 22, 2015

what is truth?
kings are old,
or dead:
dust collecting on
history’s bookshelf;
why would we need
(or ‘constitutional monarchs’)
in this day of ipods/mp3s,
lightning fast email,
instant connect with anyone,
in the world?
what is truth?
truth is a commodity
traded to the highest bidder;
truth is a documentary
based on a novel;
truth is what comes out
of the end of a gun;
what is truth?
Truth is who you are,
(who would be enthroned in my heart, if I only would
let you),
as we discover
chasing to catch up with you:
and Truth is what you do,
on the cross,
dying for Pilate,
for Israel,
for feckless disciples,
for me.
(c) 2006 Thom M. Shuman