Irving, Texas

Reflections on the Readings; December 13, 2015

As on a Day of Festival

Call it
the waters of salvation
or the garlands of gladness.

Call it
the grave-clothes
falling away
or call it the loosing
of the chains.

Call it
what binds us together:
fierce but
fragile but

Call it
he will rejoice over you
with gladness;

Call it
he will renew you
in his love;

Call it
he will exult over you
with loud singing
as on a day
of festival.

Call it
the thin, thin place
where the veil
gives way.

Or call it this:
the path we make
when we go deep
and deeper still
into the dark
and look behind to see
the way has been lit
by our rejoicing.

-Jan Richardson
from Circle of Grace