Irving, Texas

Sunday Reflection; January 10, 2016

(Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22)

River of God’s grace,
where will you touch us this morning?
Through whom, river of grace,
will you pour out today?
May all God’s children know
your gift of acceptance.
And may all who seek that strength
taste the fullness of joy.

Dove of the Spirit,
where are you flying this morning?
On whom, Spirit Dove,
will you rest today?
May all God’s children know
the peace of your presence.
And may all who bow in prayer
feel the wingbeats of joy.

God who is love,
where will you speak this morning?
In whom, God of love,
will your voice ring today?
May all your children know
their call to be loving.
And may all who respond in faith
share the good news of joy.

Jesus our Lord,
where will you lead us this morning?
As whom, Christ our Lord,
will we leave here today?
May all God’s children know
the new life of the river.
And celebrate its blessings
on our way toward joy.
Copyright © 2016 by Andrew King