Irving, Texas

Sunday Reflection; March 27, 2016

Different News Feed

Just women were the first evangelists
For what had happened on that day;
After their fear, they ran to tell the news,
And weren’t believed; So now we say,
“Well, color me surprised! What’s new? Like, duh!”

When Luke says Peter checked it out
And found it so, and yet he just went home,
We sometimes criticize his doubts;
But don’t forget that he went home, amazed!
Which is a quality we need.

Try going home amazed this Easter day,
Since love, all fear and death exceeds!
In these, our public narcissistic times,
When pomp and bombast, anger feeds,
Be brave in love and don’t hold back –
For Christ is ris’n; and risen indeed!

– Scott L. Barton