Irving, Texas

What We Believe

stained glassFor Episcopalians, our beliefs are expressed in our worship and prayer. The Book of Common Prayer is the primary expression of what we believe about God and how we we can we find our relationship with God. The way we pray is the way we know what we believe. “Lex orandi lex credendi.” The two essential expressions of belief are found in the Nicene Creed, a part of every Eucharist, and the Apostles’ Creed, used primarily during Morning and Evening Prayer and during baptisms. Those two ancient creedal statements of the Church Catholic are the skeleton on which we hang the flesh of our Faith. They are living documents inviting all of us to ponder anew what they say and how what they say impacts faith and action. All Christians find their beliefs in Holy Scripture, which for Episcopalians can be heard being read at all our services. We do not, however, worship The Bible….we worship God.