Irving, Texas

Mission, Vision & Values

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer is a community of Christians located in the north east area of the city of Irving, Texas, near the University of Dallas campus.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the love of God by inviting and embracing all persons through our worship, discipleship and service.

Our Vision

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer is a community that loves, welcomes and serves all in God’s world.

Our Core Values

To accomplish our mission, the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer bases its decisions on the following core values:


Worship for us means:

  • gathering together to thank and glorify God
  • finding comfort, strength, and focus through our Episcopal liturgy and sacraments
  • gaining inspiration and spiritual guidance for our service to others
  • uniting as a community of God’s people


Discipleship for us means:

  • putting Christ first in our lives
  • following His teachings daily through our thoughts, words and actions
  • loving others as Christ loves us
  • sharing His life with others


Inclusiveness for us means:

  • celebrating our diversity
  • adding value to our community through each and every person
  • welcoming each person’s unique involvement and perspective


Growth for us means:

  • deepening our spiritual lives
  • increasing our knowledge of Christ’s teaching
  • engaging ourselves and others more effectively in our community


Service for us means:

  • utilizing our time, talent and treasure in the name of Christ
  • enacting the teaching of Jesus among our church members and greater community – locally, nationally, globally
  • reaching out to the needs of others as individuals and as a church


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